• 尤其是爱情公寓4其中的一首英文歌曲Gentleman的歌词中文翻译,谢谢。
  • I wanna be the one you always can rely onBe the one to hold you through the night stormBe the gentleman that you need no matter how longIm a fight until freefind our freedom from defeat I wanna honor who you are, not tryna play onSee the other guys you relied onThey broke your heart but it grew strongWe can be the perfect love songand watch the skies fallWake up in the morning from the nights calmAnd see the sunrise while we stay tallPerfect intuition, youre my angel one I visionedthat I always could envisionTo be wifey for my children cuz together we can fly Baby lets fly, baby you and IBaby hold on we can make it in timeBaby lets fly, baby you and IBaby hold on we can make it in time I never told you how I love youkept my heart on the other sideLooking for a safer ride, easier to say goodbyeSo bad when I want it but front when I lose itSo I turn to the music And you turn to your phoneand you wish what we hadwill remain in our homefrom the names we were callNever was a gentlemanmaking scenes at the mallYea just for the little thingsalways was so ignorant Never thought the lovethat you bring was the best for meAnd you the smarter meIm the loser in this tragedyIn the ugly side, gently blinded meNo romeo inside of me, to begin with be proudIn my head would be time patient through the fightsOn this stage we call life, we can glide you and IComplicated from the start, so we aiming for the stars Start wit……余下全文


  • 爸爸去哪儿歌曲的英文歌词
  • 爸比 你会唱《小星星》吗不会啊Dad will sing "little star" than you do not ah那我教你好了好啊I teach you good ahTwinkle twinkle little statHow I wonder what you areTwinkle twinkle little statHow I wonder what you are你有跑调哦You are out of tune.我的家里有个人很酷三头六臂One cool superhuman powers in my home刀枪不入Invulnerability他的手掌有一点粗牵着His palm a little rough holding我学会了走路I learned to walk谢谢你关顾我的小怪物Thank you for my little monster用百度翻译器翻译的。你是我写过最美的情书You are the most beautiful love letter I wrote钮扣住一个家的幸福爱着你呀Button for a happy family. Love you.风雨无阻老爸 老爸 我们去哪里呀有我在就天不怕地不怕Regardless of the weather my dad dad where we go, Im fearless宝贝 宝贝 我是你的大树Baby baby Im your tree一生陪你看日出这是第一次Life accompany you to watch the sunrise and this is the first time当你的老爸我们的心情都有点复杂When your dad we all felt a bit complicated你拼命发芽 我白了头发一起写下一撇一捺You desperately germination my hair white together to write a flick老爸 老爸 我们去哪里呀My dad dad where we go.有我在就天不怕地不怕宝贝 宝贝Im fearless baby baby我是你的大树一生陪你看日出I am your tree of life to accompany you to watch the sunriseRAP我的老爸 是个神话 (当然咯)RAP my father is a myth (of course)搞定老妈 绝代风华 (哈哈)就算有天 你掉光了牙 (哎呦)Get Mom anatomia (HA HA) even if you drop the teeth (Ai You)我也可以 带你去 火辣辣 (耶)老爸 老爸I can take you to the hot (yeah) dad dad.我们去哪里呀有我在就天不怕地不怕宝贝 宝贝 我是你的大树一生陪你看日出老爸 老爸Where are we going, Im fearless baby baby baby Im your tree of life to accompany you to watch the sunrise dad dad.我们去哪里呀有……余下全文

求好听的英文歌曲 跟 Price Tag 差不多=- =-

  • 求好听的英文歌曲 跟 Price Tag 差不多=- =-
  • 我喜欢艾薇儿的、楼主听听不妨艾薇儿 Live版 Kiss me 试听 1.5 M wma 2 艾薇儿路边停车影片 3.6 M avi 3 展翅高飞 skater boy 艾薇儿Avril Lavigne 试听 歌词 3.1 M mp3 4 Avril Lavigne艾薇儿 skater boy 12mtv com十二点MTV 试听 2.0 M rm 5 艾薇儿Avril Lavigne 试听 3.1 M mp3 6 Don t Tell Me Avril Lavigne艾薇儿 试听 2.1 M mp3 7 明天 艾薇儿 tomorrow 试听 歌词 1.3 M mp3 8 艾薇儿 超复杂 试听 3.8 M wma 9 滑板少年 艾薇儿 试听 4.7 M mp3 10 Unwanted 艾薇儿Avril Lavigne 试听 3.4 M mp3 11 Complicated 艾薇儿Avril Lavigne 超复杂 试听 1.1 M mp3 12 skater boy ? avril 艾薇儿 试听 4.7 M mp3 13 摇滚 经典曲我将幸存永恒的经典 艾薇儿FUEL超COOL现场表演! 试听 3.0 M mp3 14 skater boy艾薇儿 试听 2.0 M rm 15 复杂 1319713 艾薇儿 高潮版 试听 歌词 1.0 M mp3 16 艾薇儿 Complicated 18 复杂 1319713 艾薇儿 高潮版 19 Complicated艾薇儿 20 艾薇儿 Complicated 21 明天 1303411 艾薇儿 tomorrow 22 Together ·艾薇儿 23 My happy ending ·艾薇儿 rm 24 童话 Don t tell me 艾薇儿 0.2 M mp3 25 艾薇儿Avril Lavigne ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY 26 摇滚精灵艾薇儿 27 Im With You 艾薇儿 28 闭上你的嘴 Don t Tell Me 艾薇儿还有碧昂斯的专辑Dangerously in Love里的Crazy in Love(成名曲) ,Baby boy(热辣舞曲), Naughty Girl, Thats How You Like It,专辑BDay里的Irreplaceable(BILLBOARD排行榜蝉联10周冠军), deja vu, Upgrade you, Beautiful Liar专辑I Am… Sasha Fierce里有Diva,Ego,Single Ladies ,Sweet Dreams, 另外还有Check on It比较有名,还有她单飞前组合真名天女的lose my breath,survivor , jumpinjumpin, bills bills bills,independent women ,也非常有名。。。