• Chinas Marriage Law of 1981 is presented with a brief commentary. The law encompasses the responsibilities of spouses, parents, children, grandparents, and siblings to one another. The new law is contrasted with the 1950 Marriage Law, which prohibited such feudal practices of former times as arranged marriages and child betrothals. The 1981 law is concerned with equality and the lawful needs of women, children, and the aged. Family planning is encouraged. Divorce is made easier to obtain. Adoptees and stepchildren are provided for. The law provides a legislative model for personal relationships.
  • 1981年颁布的中国婚姻法做出了简要概述 。此法规定了配偶、父母、子女、祖父母、兄弟姐妹之间承担的相互责任与义务。与1950年版本不同,新版婚姻法废止了以往一些封建陋习,例如包办婚姻、童养媳等。1981年版本注重妇女、儿童、老人的平等权益及合法需求,鼓励计划生育。离婚也更加可行。为养子女、继子女提供法律规定,本法为人际关系提供了立法模式。

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  • 我是一名性格开朗乐观的在读大学生,表达能力和沟通能力强,在校曾任班级副班长、文艺委员、心理委员和校文艺部干事。处事灵活,有一定组织能力,与同学老师相处融洽,曾组织策划多次班级活动并获奖。 我思维活跃,有干劲,有创新意识,曾获校园十佳主持人和十佳歌手称号,校园活动参与度高,环境适应性强。 我学习能力较强,写作能力较好,曾获校级二等奖学金和三等奖学金各一次以及三好学生、优秀团员称号。考取英语六级,计算机一级,助理人力资源师,驾照等执照和证书。熟练掌握office软件操作,能够使用photoshop,在校期间光荣加入中国共产党,诚实守信。 在校期间多次参加志愿服务活动,如宁波东站暖春行活动和敬老院探望老人活动。有爱心和社会责任感,乐于助人。
  • 望采纳,万分感谢!!Im a cheerful college students are optimistic reading, presentation skills and strong communication skills, served in the school class members of the Vice President, members of the literary, psychological, and Director-General of the Department of literature and art.Flexible, and have certain organizing capacity, along with classmates teacher, has organized several class activities and awards.My mind active, energetic, innovative, and has won the title of top-notch moderators and the campus top ten singers, campus activities to participate in, high, strong environmental suitability.My strong learning ability, good writing skills, won the school-level scholarships such as the second and third scholarship once and Miyoshi, outstanding Member Award.Pass the CET, the computer level, the Assistant human resources Division, drivers license and other licenses and certificates.Familiar with Office software, capable of using Photoshop, glorious joined the Communist Party while at school, being honest and trustworthy.Participates in volunteer activities in the school, such as Ningbo East spring tour and visiting elderly homes for.Compassion and social responsibility, and helpful.